Super Mario Battle Royale Game Allegedly Gets Hit With DMCA Takedown

A Super Mario Bros.-themed battle royale game made headlines not long ago after a content creator designed a web browser game that put 99 different Marios against one another in a race to see who could beat levels first. That game that comes from the individual known as InfernoPlus is once again making news, but it’s because it’s not exactly Mario Royale anymore. Due to an apparent DMCA takedown from Nintendo, the game has now been rebranded to be called DMCA Royale. It looks like an off-brand version of Mario now since that’s essentially what it had to become to comply with the notice.

If you didn’t catch the first wave of news around the game and what it’s all about, head here first to fill yourself in. You play as one of 99 Marios and play through a classic Super Mario Bros. level just as you would normally except there are 98 other players trying to mess up your game with Koopa shells and stolen powerups. That’s at least what it did look like anyway before it was updated by InferoPlus to have a not-quite-Mario character competing against others in a not-quite-Mario world. The new character you’ll be controlling is Infringio Infringio, according to the patch notes, and his brother is Copyright Infringio.

The creator seemed to have an idea that the takedown was coming before it was allegedly issued and was looking for help afterwards to build a new version of the game.


It wasn’t hard to imagine a takedown being issued against the game either seeing how it directly used Nintendo’s iconic character in a fan-made game. Everything about Mario Royale looked just like a traditional Mario game save for the other players moving around as background characters. Since redesigning the game to have a compliant look, the creator has been sharing updated looks at the game as it changes.

If you’re still interested in checking out DMCA Takedown, Mario or no Mario, you can play the battle royale game here.