Bungie Explains How Destiny 2's Finishing Moves Work

Ever since Bungie assumed full control of Destiny 2 earlier this year, the devs have been hard at work trying to improve the overall experience. With plenty of content and new ways to play the game on the way, it is not a bad time to be a Guardian. That said, when the team showed off Shadowkeep, the next big expansion for the title, it was also revealed that players would be getting a new system that revolves around finishing moves. Thanks to a recent interview, we now know a bit more about the finishers and how they work.

While speaking with Polygon, general manager Mark Noseworthy and franchise director Luke Smith discussed the upcoming finishing moves that players will be able to take advantage of in Destiny 2. "When enemies get below a certain health threshold, they’re going to have an indicator that means they can be finished," Smith said.

It was noted how the Destiny 2 finishing moves aren't all show as they will provide players with some unique results. Mods will be able to be equipped to a player's armor that alter the finishers, and with the use of a bit of Super energy as well as exposing one's self during the animation, players will be able to produce various things. Generating ammo for your Fireteam was the example that Smith provided. "The mod for your finisher will be one of the slots on another piece of armor," he said.

Players will be able to customize bother the finishing move animation and the gameplay element separately, which means the combat bonuses won't be tied to specific finishers. "We thought of it as combat emotes," Noseworthy said. Players will only be able to acquire the mods for the finishers by playing the game, but picking up the cosmetic parts might be done through the Eververse store or maybe through in-game challenges.

In regards to how many finishing moves players will be able to equip, Smith said, "At launch, you’ll only be able to equip one finisher, but we are working hard on multi-equip for them." It was noted that the devs are hoping to get to a point where players can have a randomizer for the finishing moves.


Destiny 2 is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. You can learn more about the title, including additional information on Shadowkeep, from our previous coverage.

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