Terrorize Villagers as Kobolds in New Dungeons & Dragons Adventure Presented as a Comic Book

A hilarious and irreverent Dungeons & Dragons adventure is presented as a pulp comic book, a format that both pushes boundaries and excellently captures the absurd atmosphere of the scenario. Typically, Dungeons & Dragons publications are presented as full-length books that follow the same basic format - two columns of text per page interspersed with colorful illustrations. Even third-party publishers stick to this format, choosing to give players something familiar when they venture away from official Wizards of the Coast publications. It's not very often that a D&D publication breaks the formatting mold - especially when it's a one-shot adventure in which players take on the role of kobolds from outer space.

However, Killer Kobolds From Outer Space does just that. The irreverent adventure, written by Oliver Clegg and illustrated by Kevin Miller, is presented in comic book format. Each page is broken down into panels, with captions providing breakdowns of scenarios, rules of unique items, and just about everything else a DM needs to run a one-shot adventure about kobolds arriving from outer space to gather supplies for their space ship. The result is an adventure that is incredibly engaging to read - even if you're not a DM or someone who typically flips through D&D adventures.

It helps that Clegg fills his scenarios with a dark, macabre humor that matches both the Ravenloft setting and the B-movie tone of his publication. Players will play as Kobolds working to gather supplies under the order of their cruel "Kobold Kween," who often blows up her own subordinates on a whim. Clegg really leans into this - providing only the most basic instructions while emphasizing that the players are amoral alien raiders that are all about chaos in the most hilarious ways possible.


Not every Dungeons & Dragons adventure can be formatted as a comic book - don't expect to see a full length adventure like Waterdeep: Dragon Heist in graphic novel form anytime soon - but Killer Kobolds From Outer Space does a fantastic job of establishing the tone and giving DMs the basic foundations of what they need to run a fun encounter. Sometimes all you need is a couple paragraphs to describe what players need to accomplish and a push in the right direction in order to spend a night laughing as your friends liquefy villagers and explode chickens in the most horrifyingly hilarious ways possible. Killer Kobolds From Outer Space is the perfect adventure to test your DMing improvisational abilities or focus on having fun instead of prepping for anything possible.

Killer Kobolds From Outer Space is available on the DMs Guild for $4.99.