God of War Fan Creates Beautiful Leviathan Axe Replica

If you’re an aspiring Kratos cosplayer or just a huge fan of the newest God of War game who wants to grow your memorabilia collection, you’ll want to take a look at an impeccable recreation of Kratos’ Leviathan axe. A fan of the God of War game who also takes commissions for props based on weapons and armors and other accessories from games, TV shows, and more properties.

Created by ODCA Props out of Mexico, the God of War weapon can be seen below after it was shared on Twitter by the group. It’s modeled after a version of the Leviathan Axe that players might see later on in the game after they’ve been able to equip it with different customizations like the Valkyrie’s Might pommel that features a sleek, pointed finish for the axe. It’s even got runes embedded near the head of the axe in the same way that players would outfit their weapon with different stat-boosting effects.

After sharing the Leviathan Axe replica on Twitter, both Santa Monica Studio and God of War director responded to the creator by exclaiming that it was some nice work. People of course were ready to throw their money at the idea of owning a Leviathan Axe replica, and ODCA Props was quick to confirm that these are actually for sale if someone’s willing to commission them to create one.


A discussion about the axe on Reddit included a comment from the creator that said this particular axe was sold for $165 plus the shipping needed to transport it out of Mexico. A follow-up tweet to the first one revealed that these props are safe to bring to conventions and that the axe was completely made out of EVA foam. Kratos’ Chaos Blades which he used prior to God of War and unearthed again for that game will also be created at some point.

An official line of God of War collectible statues was revealed not long ago, but these will set you back quite a bit more than a foam axe. Prime 1 Studio is creating statues for Baldur and Kratos and Atreus with the Baldur statue priced at $1,200.

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