Fortnite Turbo Building Nerf Reverted Following Backlash

Epic Games recently made a questionable decision to nerf popular Fortnite feature Turbo Building. This, much like the existence of the mechs in-game, upset a good portion of the player base, which caused fans to create a bit of noise on Twitter. Following the backlash, Epic decided to explain the changes and what they hoped to accomplish with them, but fans were not having any of it. That said, one day later, the devs at Epic Games have officially decided to revert the Turbo Building nerf.

"The Turbo Build delay adjustments we made yesterday to subsequent structure pieces placed have been changed back to their previous value, 0.05 seconds," Epic said in a new post on their website. "Your ability to perform “90s” and “waterfall” should feel exactly the same as it did before yesterday’s changes."

While the ability to crank 90s and "waterfall" are now restored, the function of "taking a wall" will now be randomized. "Now when a structure is destroyed, there will be a delay of 0.15 seconds before another structure can be placed in the same location," Epic said. "If two or more players attempt to build a structure in the same location at the same time right after a piece has been destroyed, a random roll will now determine which player’s structure is placed. With this, we aim to reduce the impact that ping has on “taking a wall” as well as mitigate situations where spamming walls in the same location prevents all incoming damage to the defender."

Needless to say, this is exciting news for Fortnite players as they have felt that Epic hasn't been listening to them, especially after it took quite some time to change the mechs. However, with the Turbo Building nerf reverted so quickly, it is pretty evident that the devs are taking community feedback into consideration. In either case, players are now able to crank 90s into the sky once more.


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What do you think about all of this? Are you glad that Epic listened to players and reverted the Turbo Building nerf in Fortnite? Should it never have been changed to begin with? Sound off in the comment section below, or feel free to hit me up over on Twitter @anarkE7!