Wendy's Just Released a Full Fantasy Tabletop RPG

The fast food chain Wendy's has released a full fantasy pen-and-paper tabletop RPG. Wendy's, best known as the home of the Baconator and the Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger, released a surprisingly complex tabletop RPG named Feast of Legends for its fans to enjoy. The game draws heavy inspiration from Dungeons & Dragons, with players creating characters with five stats (Strength, Intelligence, Charm, Arcana, and Grace) and choosing one of 12 Orders, each of which is based on a different Wendy's Menu item. Players can choose to play as a Beefy Order of the Baconator, the rogue-like Order of the Chicken Nuggets or the magical Order of the Frosty.

Combat is determined through rolls of a twenty-sided dice, and players can add buffs or debuffs to their character based on on what sort of food they eat while playing. Eating a Wendy's food item grants you a buff, while eating food from a "frozen burger joint" or a pizza place causes your stats to drop.

Feast of Legends is set in the realm of Beef's Keep, a land splintered by how various kingdoms treat their subjects. The redheaded queen of Freshtovia provides a beacon of hope against the realms of Creepingvale (ruled by the Creepy King With the Paper Crown) and the United Clown Nations (ruled by the Ice Jester). Feast of Legends also comes with a five part campaign, in which they'll battle the Ice Jester throughout Beef's Keep, which includes a fight through the Ice Jester's Playhouse, a not-so-subtle tie into a McDonald's play area that even has a ball pit.

For what's clearly a tongue-in-cheek marketing gimmick that takes frequent jabs at Wendy's competitors, Feast of Legends is actually a pretty fun RPG system. The game has more depth than expected and is clearly made by someone who really enjoys their tabletop RPGs. And while you'll probably not be able to play through a yearlong campaign using the Feasts of Legends system, players can definitely enjoy a one-shot or two while playing.


If you want to see Feast of Legends in action, be sure to check out Critical Role's Twitch channel this evening at 7 PM PT. The popular D&D show is having a one-shot sponsored by Wendy's, and we're guessing that it will be focused on Feast of Legends.

You can download the rules to Feast of Legends on their website. Be sure to tell us about your adventures in Beef's Keep in the comment section!