Apex Legends May Have an Entirely Different New Legend in Season 4

Well, uh, it would seem like Season 4 of Apex Legends just got a lot stranger as of this afternoon. The new season, which is expected to kick off on February 4th, recently announced that Forge would be its latest and greatest legend added to the ever-expanding roster. But if a new trailer is to be believed, Forge is dead. Murdered, in fact. So, you know, probably not going to be the latest and greatest.

A new animated trailer for Season 4 basically sets itself up as an in-canon news show, and it features a brief interview with James "The Forge" McCormick (also known as Apex Legends' Forge) on a small stage. Lisa Stone, the interviewer, asks McCormick a couple questions about entering the Apex Games, but then the lights flicker, and... well, maybe just watch it for yourself, below.

Yeah, he certainly seems to have just been murdered by what appears to be an entirely different legend, unofficially known as Revenant. This isn't the first time the robotic legend has cropped up, and it sounds like it won't be the last. The trailer sets it up such that perhaps Revenant is replacing Forge, but also, this is a game where people "die" all the time so, like, who even knows at this point.

For what it's worth, the page which once included official info about the inclusion of Forge now states the following below a darkened version of his character portrait:


"Never defeated (except for that one time)."

Here's how Respawn Entertainment originally described Forge, though it might not matter at this point:

"Confident yet humble, Forge uses his size, strength, and heavy-duty Shatter Gauntlets to batter his opponents into submission."


What do you think about Apex Legends' newest legend? Do you really think Forge is dead? Let us know in the comments, or hit me up directly on Twitter at @rollinbishop to talk all things gaming!

Apex Legends is currently available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Season 4 - Assimilation is set to begin on February 4th. The currently ongoing Grand Soirée Arcade Event is set to conclude on January 28th. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the title right here.

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