Apex Legends Season 4 Trailer Reportedly Leaks, Hints at New Legend

Respawn Entertainment gave Apex Legends players their first look at Season 4 just this week, but it looks as though more details may have been revealed than expected. A trailer for Season 4 supposedly leaked online and is said to have included a screenshot of a new Legend. The Legend’s name is believed to be “Revenant,” and if the leak is legit, it might answer some questions Apex Legends players have had leading up to the launch of Season 4.

YouTuber and Twitter user iLootGames stirred up the Apex Legends community at the start of the weekend following Respawn’s official reveals about Season 4. The content creator shared a screenshot that showed the new Legend named “Forge” that Respawn announced this week.

But it wasn’t Forge that caught the attention of the Apex Legends players. It was the figure behind him, a robotic character who appears to be Revenant. Revenant has been the subject of leaks, datamines, theories, and everything else that players could use to predict what’s coming, and it looks like the character has plans for Forge.

The YouTuber provided some context after sharing the tweet by saying the image was a screenshot from a trailer that was “accidently posted” for a few minutes on YouTube. It doesn’t appear as though anybody has additional screenshots from the video nor did anyone download it before it was supposedly removed which doesn’t support the authenticity of the leak, but it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen either.

Many Apex Legends players who keep up with leaks and such already thought Revenant would be the next Legend, so seeing this leak only bolsters those ideas. It does raise some questions about Forge and Revenant though. Are both Legends being added in Season 4? Is Hammond Robotics, the fictional company that sponsors Forge, responsible for creating Revenant? Will Revenant kill Forge and take his spot in the Apex Games, thus making Forge a decoy this whole time?


There aren’t any answers to those questions yet, but we probably won’t have to wait long to know more. The teasers in Apex Legends have been appearing more frequently with some of the most recent ones hinting at some sort of interview setup that’ll supposedly introduce Forge to the world. The background of the leaked screenshot and the way Forge is dressed definitely looks like it could be captured from an interview, so perhaps we’ll see Revenant crash Forge’s big debut whenever that happens.

Apex Legends Season 4 is scheduled to begin on February 4th.

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