PUBG Tests a Ranked Ruleset to Prepare for Competitive Matches

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ Competitive Mode is still on the way, but before it arrives, PUBG Corp. has to figure out what kind of ruleset this mode will use. PUBG players themselves get to help with that decision by testing out a new “Ranked Ruleset” through the PUBG Labs feature the developers introduced not long ago to test different types of experimental features and changes. This Ranked Ruleset introduces changes to the game’s various systems like loot spawning and the way the Blue Zone works, and based on feedback from players who test the rules, it could be implemented into the full Competitive Mode.

The Ranked Ruleset in question looks to be a mix between the casual and esports experience, PUBG Corp. said. It’s available in both first-person and third-person mode, and the tests are live now until the end of the weekend for players to try it out.

“The Ranked Ruleset test aims to merge the strengths of both public and esport ruleset settings to build a new ruleset specifically made for competitive play,” PUBG Corp. said. “We hope this adds some additional tools for players to be competitive without it being too jarring for players coming from normals.”

Hop into a Ranked Ruleset game and you’ll see some of the changes that have been made. On the Erangel, Sanhok, and Miramar maps which are the only ones available in the mode right now, you’ll find more loot throughout the environments to make sure players have access to the resources they need to be competitive, according to the devs. The Blue Zone will move at an increased tempo as the game goes on given that there are only 64 players in this mode. Other changes include the disabling of the Motor Glider and adjusted Red Zone settings.


“Feedback from this test will help us determine if it is right for our upcoming Competitive Mode or whether we need to make some adjustments, so be sure to share your thoughts on what you do and do not like,” PUBG Corp. said. “While we’re not quite ready to dive into the specifics of the upcoming Competitive Mode, keep an eye out for another announcement with more details in the coming months.”

This PUBG Labs feature is the same one that added a Team Deathmatch mode not long ago. PUBG’s Vikendi map is also coming back soon, so perhaps it’ll feature the Ranked Ruleset before long if this PUBG Labs experiment returns before the Competitive Mode arrives.

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