New Starfield Rumor Reveals Game Length, Alien Races, and More

We haven't seen anything or heard anything salient about Starfield since Bethesda announced the game at E3. However, according to a new rumor, this is changing soon. In addition to relaying word that a Starfield teaser will be released before E3 this year, the rumor also spills a variety of alleged details about the space-faring RPG. Some of these details echo previous rumors about the game, but most of the information is new, and some of it is also relatively noteworthy.

According to the new rumor, internally Bethesda is really excited about Starfield, which is described as a project that has been a long time coming. Further, the game will reportedly be between 70 and 120 hours, depending on playstyle and other variables, such as how much you engage with most of the game's content. For example, how much time you spending learning about the game's factions, how many companions you recruit, and how much you explore the game's "map" will all play a big part in determining your final hour clock, which is the case with most games of this ilk. After all, you can beat Fallout 4 in less than 30 hours, but to engage with the bulk of the game's content, you will need 70 hours. Meanwhile, completionist playthroughts are more like 150 hours.

In addition to this, the rumor claims there will be multiple alien races to meet and interact with. Further, unlike some previous Betehsda games, your build and the game's RPG mechanics will actually matter. The game will reward you and adapt to how you build your character.

Lastly, the rumor alleges that "quests are incredibly interesting and subvert your expectations in unique and interesting ways." This will lead to plenty of decisions and hard choices to make.


Of course, all of this information should be taken with a major grain of salt. The rumor in question comes from an anonymous source. Sometimes these sources are goldmines of information, but more often than not they are full of nonsense.

At the moment of publishing, there's been no word of a release date for Starfield or word of what platforms it's coming to.

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