Fallout 76's Wastelanders Update Will Include a Helpful Looting Feature

Fallout 76’s big Wastelanders update is less than a month away now with new features still being revealed each week as we move closer to that release date. One of those features was revealed by Bethesda this week when the developer announced a quality-of-life feature to the game’s looting system that’s releasing alongside Wastelanders. The update will introduce a looting feature that allows players to instantly pick up and use loot that they find layout around the world instead of having to add it to their inventory first, so players can make quick decisions on what they want to use without having to cycle through menus.

Bethesda detailed its plans for Wastelands’ looting feature in the game’s latest Inside the Vault post. A loot-and-go system for picking up weapons and other resources, this new feature sill speed up the looting process to help people either use resources, favorite weapons, or learn recipes right away.

“With Wastelanders, we’re implementing a quality of life improvement to offer more choice in how you interact with many pre-placed items in the game,” Bethesda said. “Going forward, when you find items that are not in containers like weapons, food, recipes, and many others, you will be given the option to press and hold the interact button to use that item right away. For example, if you spot a weapon lying on a shelf, you can either press the interact button once add it to your inventory, or hold it down instead to favorite and equip the weapon immediately. This should make it easier than ever to consume aid items you find, make use of a new weapon, or quickly learn a plan or recipe.


The feature is one of many that have been detailed in the past and will be introduced in Wastelanders. NPCs are by far the biggest change being introduce in Wastelanders, and those NPCs will be grouped into different factions in true Fallout fashion.

Parts of the base game will still be sticking around in the post-Wastelanders world as well. Nukes will still be a thing in Wastelanders, and the NPCs that’ll be added to the game will react to them as you’d expect Fallout survivors to.

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