Bethesda Explains How Fallout 76 Nukes Work in Wastelanders

Dropping nukes in Fallout 76 was one of the most advertised parts of the game considering how integral the destructive tool is to the history of the Fallout series. Fallout 76 players can drop nukes by obtaining codes and then picking a target they want to obliterate with players then able to deal with the aftermath of the attack by facing new creatures that then inhabit the irradiated area. When the game’s massive Wastelanders update releases, players will still be able to drop nukes if they choose to, and the new NPCs that inhabit the game will even respond accordingly.

Bethesda explained how the game’s nukes work in the Wastlanders era following an event from last weekend where the studio featured new gameplay from the update. The presenters addressed several questions from the community during the Bethesda Game Days event, though not all of them could be answered in the time allotted. Those lingering questions were answered in Bethesda’s latest Inside the Vault post where the company addressed the topic of nukes at the start.

“You can definitely still launch nukes in Wastelanders,” Bethesda said. “This isn’t the Raiders’ or the Settlers’ first rodeo, either. They will jump into their own hazmat suits to protect themselves from radiation.”

The Raiders and the Settlers mentioned in the response are two factions which are coming to Fallout 76 in the Wastelanders update. They’re comprised of NPCs with very different motivations from one another, though players can interact with either group as they please to either align with their efforts or oppose them.


It’s unclear if you’ll be able to drop a nuke right on a faction’s settlement, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see either the Raider or Settler storylines eventually culminate in doing just that to the rival group. However players plan on handling their nukes, it looks like the NPCs will respond in kind by decking themselves out in protective gear. There’s a reputation system in place with the Wastelanders update though, so don’t expect to go without repercussions if you decide to drop a nuke on an area that’s known to be a home to either group.

Fallout 76’s Wastelanders update releases on April 7th.

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