‘Alan Wake’ Returns To Steam, Coming Back To Xbox As Well

Last year, Remedy Entertainment faced a tough situation when its hit action/horror game Alan Wake ended up being delisted on digital platforms, mainly due to song rights issues. But never count a good reporter out, as Alan is back with a vengeance!

Alan Wake

The developer, who’s currently working on the action game Control alongside 505 Games, announced on Twitter today that the game has returned to the Steam front, and is also currently on sale through Halloween week. Apparently it sorted out the issues with the soundtrack and got everything good to go, with some help via Microsoft.

On top of that, it hinted that its digital releasing isn’t done that, as it’s working on bringing it to other platforms as well.

That’s not to say we’ll see it on PS4, mind you, but a re-release for the Xbox Live Marketplace makes sense considering it originally released on Xbox 360 and later became available as part of Xbox One backward compatibility. The team already noted it'll happen "soon."

You can see the tweet below, and check out the Steam sale here, where the game is currently priced for a very reasonable $3.

As for these other "digital platforms," more than likely Remedy means other PC gaming storefronts like GOG. We’ll let you know once the game is available in other spots.

Alan Wake’s return simply makes sense. The game itself is still an instant classic, relying more on genuine scares rather than over-the-top carnage; and its storyline is both original and intriguing. And not only that, it’s set to make its debut on television, with Cloak and Dagger and Legion producer Peter Calloway on board, alongside game creator Sam Lake from Remedy. It doesn’t have a start date on production yet, but it should be fairly soon.


Hopefully this will stir up interest in the series and re-introduce the possibility of a sequel. After all, you may remember the phrase, “It’s not a lake...it’s an ocean.” And we want to know what that means!

Alan Wake can be played on Steam/PC, and will return to the Xbox Live Marketplace for play on Xbox 360/Xbox One. Can’t wait? Physical copies work on the system now!