Amazon Alexa Now Works with a ‘Destiny 2’ Ghost Replica Speaker

Regardless of how you feel about Destiny 2 at the moment, I think we can all agree that having the [...]


Regardless of how you feel about Destiny 2 at the moment, I think we can all agree that having the ability to interact with your own Ghost AI through Amazon Alexa is incredibly awesome.

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The Ghost-shaped Wi-Fi speaker pairs with your Alexa-enabled device and works with a new Ghost Alexa skill. This skill "seamlessly connects the world of Destiny 2 with enabled Amazon Alexa devices via real-time voice commands." The speaker adds an additional layer of authenticity to the experience. The skill is can be enabled now, and you can pre-order the Ghost speaker here for $89.99 with shipping slated for December 19th. Interested parties should act fast however. The Verge noted that the limited edition speaker would only be on sale for a few hours, but it was still available at the time of writing. It may disappear at any time. The complete list of specs for the speaker are as follows:

• With the Ghost you can use voice commands to equip loadouts, connect with friends, explore the universe and much more
• Integrated Wi-Fi connected device that pairs with your Alexa enabled device to bring the in-game Ghost character to life
• The Destiny 2 Ghost responds exclusively to the Official Destiny 2 Ghost Skill by Bungie and Activision
• Built-in LED activates on Ghost's responses
• The Destiny 2 Ghost is not required to enable and use the Destiny 2 Ghost Skill
• The Destiny 2 Ghost works with PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC devices
• Full requirements: Destiny 2 Ghost Skill, Destiny 2 game, Alexa app, Wi-Fi internet connection, any enabled Alexa enabled hardware device, and account
• Limited Edition Destiny 2 Ghost releases December 19th

Alexa Destiny 2 Ghost Skill:

• EXPLORE THE DESTINY 2 UNIVERSE: Ask and receive unique dialogue lines that will expand your knowledge of the Destiny 2's worlds and characters you'll encounter on your journey. Try saying: "Alexa, ask Ghost who are the Red Legion."
• FIND OUT WHAT TO DO NEXT: Based on your progress inside the game, you'll receive unique recommendations for things to do inside the massive world of Destiny 2 in real time. Try saying: "Alexa, ask Ghost what I should do next."
• MANAGE YOUR ARSENAL: Equip your most powerful weapons or entire loadouts with a simple voice command. Try saying: "Alexa, ask Ghost to equip my most powerful weapon."
• CONNECT WITH FRIENDS: Send messages to friends, find out who's online and ready to play, and stay on top of Clan progress without having to turn on your PS4, Xbox One or PC. Try saying: "Alexa, ask Ghost to call for backup"
• AND MUCH MORE: Over 1,000 custom lines to discover.

If you haven't jumped on board with Alexa yet, you can do that right here. Currently, the Echo Dot is on sale for only $29.99, making it the cheapest point of entry for paring a device with the Ghost speaker.