Among Us Teases Next Crossover

Among Us is getting another of its crossovers that are key when it comes to enticing players to buy some new skins, and this time, players might already have an idea of what's coming. The Among Us creator InnerSloth teased the next collab earlier in the week with a cryptic image that showed several silhouettes of Among Us beans decked out in unique attire, but after another reveal, things are becoming a bit clearer.

The first of the teases came a few days ago when the image below was shared by the Among Us Twitter account. Aside from the silhouettes mentioned previously, little else was provided in terms of hints regarding what might be revealed.

However, players were pretty quick to put together guesses regarding what this collab might pertain to. One of the more popular suggestions at the time was that this was related to VTubers. More specifically, people speculated that this would be a Hololive collaboration. One Twitter user filled in the silhouettes shown in the teaser image which resulted in a graphic that looks like it very well may be accurate in terms of what's predicted.

Soon after that, it became pretty evident that this would indeed be a Hololive collab. The official Hololive Twitter account tweeted out an image of a VTuber-ified Among Us Crewmate alongside the date of September 21st as an indicator for when people should expect to learn more about this crossover.

With one skin already, that leaves at least nine more to go based on what was teased in the initial image. Of course, other cosmetics other than the core outfits themselves could be added as part of this collab, but we know that players should have at least 10 different Crewmate skins to look forward to.

As is the case with any of these premium crossovers, players should expect to spend real money on the Among Us skins if they want to get everything (or something) that's going to be revealed. We'll learn more about all of this on September 21st, so plan your purchases accordingly until then.