Among Us Teases Next "Big Update"

Among Us developers InnerSloth have a new update on the way, and ahead of that update’s release, [...]

Among Us developers InnerSloth have a new update on the way, and ahead of that update's release, we've gotten a new look at part of it. The tease shared on Friday showed off some of the artwork associated for the next update with players left to speculate what might be coming to the game in the future. No release date for this update has been announced, however, so it's unclear just how long players will be theorizing about the update's contents.

The preview below shared on Twitter this weekend showed one of the Among us Crewmates either floating in space or looking out of a window. In front of them is the source of the Crewmate's concern: An object that sure looks like it could be a meteor or some other large object soaring through space.

Meteor guesses were common enough in the replies to the tweet and seems to be one of the more likely answers for what that object might be. Despite there being numerous suggestions that this is cheese-related, it seems that's not going to be the case, so we're back to meteors as a safe bet.

Whether it's a meteor or something else, we can probably look to the most recent Among Us roadmap to guess what kinds of features might be associated with this teaser. The list of features planned for the game found below was shared with a release window of some point after the update was released that expanded the size of lobbies and added new colors. Since that update has been out for a while now, any of these could come next since InnerSloth said these features would be releasing in no particular order.

Upcoming Among Us Features

  • A new map - Map 5!
  • Achievements
  • Account linking between platforms
  • New roles and ways to play
  • Hide n' Seek mode
  • Visor cosmetics
  • Consoles (Xbox and PlayStation)

Of those possibilities, a new map seems like it'd be the most likely answer, but Among Us' Airship map hasn't been out for a terribly long time, so there's reason to believe we might not get another map so soon.

InnerSloth will likely share more teasers ahead of the update's release, so perhaps players will be able to deduce what's coming from those before the full details of the update are revealed.