Among Us Roadmap Teases New Map, Game Mode, and More Features

After much teasing on the part of the Among Us team, the game made its expected appearance during [...]

After much teasing on the part of the Among Us team, the game made its expected appearance during Summer Game Fest's opening day. Developers InnerSloth were able to share more information on the plans for the game's next update which includes additional colors for players to choose from, larger lobbies to hold more players, and additional changes and features to look forward to.

Beyond highlighting just the new colors coming to Among Us, InnerSloth teased much more. There's a new map coming that's currently only being referred to as "Map 5," achievements will be added to the game, and Among Us is getting a new mode called "Hide n' Seek." Not much could be said about those sorts of things now, but the roadmap video below gave a brief preview of what players can expect.

Leading up to the appearance of Among Us during the Summer Game Fest events, one of the biggest features teased over and over again was the arrival of new colors in the game. Currently, Among Us offers 12 different colors for players to choose from, but with the lobbies being expanded to support up to 15 players, people will need more colors to choose from.

Other features teased for the next update included a new meeting screen for players to see before they congregate and cast votes on Cremates and potential Imposters to be kicked from the game. Like the new colors, this new meeting screen is a byproduct of the bigger lobbies.

Alongside these features, InnerSloth previously said it'd be working on redoing its site and providing players with better tools to report bugs so that information going both ways could be delivered easier.

"We've been working with some partners to get our whole website revamped, which hopefully will give us a more centralized place to give you these updates and all our news," InnerSloth said in one of its past updates on the future of the game. "Plus we hope to get a better bug reporting system and general page where you can keep up to date on all the bug fixes we've been working on. It's been all over the place so far, and having a more streamlined process will be easier for everyone!"

The next Among Us update does not yet have a release date.