Amouranth Reveals Disturbing Encounter With Fan Who Tried to Marry Her

Amouranth has dominated the headlines in 2021, partially because she pioneered both the Hot Tub [...]

Amouranth has dominated the headlines in 2021, partially because she pioneered both the Hot Tub Meta and the ASMR Meta on the platform, two controversial styles of streaming that took off and set the larger Twitch community into a frenzy of debate. While both of these trends have died down, Amouranth remains one of the biggest streamers on Twitch. In addition to this, she's found success ranging from moderate to massive on platforms like YouTube and OnlyFans. That said, all of this publicity has come at a cost, like it always does.

Like every popular female on the Internet, Amouranth has many disturbing experiences with fans, including one who flew to her city and tried to marry her. No, really.

"I actually had a guy -- this is kind of crazy -- who was convinced that we were engaged," revealed Amouranth during the H3 Podcast. "And he flew to Houston, and he was messaging me like, 'When are you going to come pick me up at the airport? And he just kept harassing my DMs. He had convinced himself. I had never talked to this person."

Amouranth continued:

"He was constantly like, 'Come to my hotel, we are engaged. Why are you avoiding me?' And I'm like 'What? These people are psycho.'"

It's unclear how this story ends, but it sounds like this is something Amouranth deals with somewhat often, or at least that's what she seemingly implies in the video above. This may come as a surprise to some, but these types of disturbing experiences have been echoed by many popular female Internet personalities like Pokimane and Valkyrae. Unfortunately, while more attention has been brought to this problem in recent years, it appears little progress has been made in addressing the issue. In fact, there's a case that it has actually gotten worse.

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