Newly Announced Console Plays Game Boy, Game Gear, and Even Neo Geo Pocket Color Games

analogue pocket
(Photo: Analogue)

Today, hardware makers Analogue announced the Analogue Pocket, which most notably plays every Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance game ever made. More specifically, Analogue pitches the Analogue Pocket as a multi-video-game-system portable handheld that's also a digital audio workstation synthesizer and sequencer. A tribute to the golden age of portbale gaming, out the box the Pokcet is compatible with every Game Boy game. Meanwhile, it also works with cartridge adapters for other handheld systems as well, such as the Game Gear, Neo Geo Pocket Color, Atari Lynx, and more.

Now, it's important to note this isn't an emulation console. Analogue has shipped similar nostalgic products in the past, and everything it's doing is completely legal. As for the console's design, it's made with a "first-in-class" 3.5 inch, 615 ppi, LCD. Boasting a resolution of 1600X1440, the Pocket has 10x the resolution of the original Game Boy. According to Analogue, there's never been a display this advanced in a video game system. And this partially explains its premium $200 price tag.

As mentioned above, the Pocket also features a digital audio workstation built right in it called Nanoloop, which is a synthesizer and a sequencer. According to Analogue, this is done for music creation and live performance. Further, it also allows for game development.

Lastly, the console will ship alongside the Analogue Dock, which will allow you to plug it into a HDTV. Further, you will have the option to sync up any wireless 8BitDo Bluetooth controller or connect any controller via wired USB.


The Analogue Pocket is set to release sometime in 2020, priced at $200. For more news, media, and information on the handheld console, be sure to check out its official website by clicking right here.