Animal Crossing: New Horizons Shows Off a Highly Requested Feature

Animal Crossing: New Horizons players will have a phone in the new game that’s called the “NookPhone,” and that device is packed with a bunch of different features to explore. One of those features is a camera which gives players something that’s become a popular request in pretty much any new game: A photo mode. The official Animal Crossing Twitter account has been highlighting the various apps available on the NookPhone that let players do different things, and one of those latest spotlights showed off the photo mode and the control players will have over capturing their in-game images of their characters and more.

As part two of the NookPhone Apps showcase, Nintendo shared the tweet below from the Animal Crossing account. It showed a player hanging out in a house with the photo mode pulled up on the app. We see a couple of different options like filters for the photos and zoom levels. More options can be seen around the screen such as emotions for the characters to trigger the perfect moment for a photo.

The date’s located in the bottom-right corner to show when the photo was taken so you’ll always be able to recall when you snapped a photo.


Another feature showed off on Twitter will allow players to turn their steps into items that they can use around their communities. The NookPhone also boasts a Nook Miles app which tracks players’ miles and then allows them to trade those miles in for different items.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is scheduled to release for the Nintendo Switch next week on March 20th, so expect to see many more of these feature highlights as we move closer to that date.