'Anthem' Livestream Shows Off Customization Options, More

February can't get here soon enough for fans anxiously awaiting BioWare's newest IP Anthem. We've gotten some incredible in-depth looks in recent months about the online game, but a recent livestream gave many what they've been looking forward to: Customization.

With the reveal of the N7 (Mass Effect) skin earlier this month, many interested fans of the new IP were wondering what other sort of customization options would be available. From Javelin customization, the hilarious emotes, the livestream seen above offers an inside look into it all.

The most interesting part - to me personally - was the attention to detail for the different armor sets. Picking apart the gauntlets, the greaves, and making it more "your own." For those wanting to truly look like the war-worn hunter, you can even toggle "State of Wear" affects to make that battle suit look like it's been to hell and back.

But the latest stream revealed much more than cosmetic changes and personalized touches. For those interested in seeing more how the game works in its fluidity and relation to the player, the entire video is definitely worth seeing in its entirety.

Anthem officially makes its debut on February 22, 2019 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC players.

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For more about the game itself before its arrival next year:


"Join with up to three other players and assemble high-tech, hand-crafted, uniquely powerful exosuits. Explore vast ruins, battle deadly enemies, and claim otherworldly artifacts. With every mission, you and your Javelin exosuit grow in power. Fight the dangers of an ever-changing world. Rise united to defeat evil. Triumph as one."

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