All Anthem Post-Launch Story Content Will Be Free

(Photo: EA)

Any additional, post-launch Anthem story content will be free, BioWare has confirmed.

The news comes way of the game's recent, special PAX West 2018 panel and via Mark Darrah, executive producer on the project.

According to Darrah, BioWare has decided to make all of the post-launch story content free, because it doesn't want to divide up the community and have it all experience different amounts of story.

"For storytelling, we don't want to divide up the audience. We want people to experience the same story at the same time, so none of that is going to be locked behind any kind of paywall."

While this revelation will be music to the ears of Anthem fans who won't have to worry about being nickel and dimed for every piece of story content -- like in some other games -- it does beg the question of just how much post-launch story content the game will add. If it's a lot and of high quality, then it seems like a huge monetary gamble by BioWare to release it all for free.

Perhaps the studio's thinking is that it will make enough money on the back-end through cosmetic sales (don't worry, there aren't any loot boxes) that it won't need to charge for this content, which is quite possible given the game's shared-world, multiplayer roots. Looking good in front of your friends and others is an age-old human expenditure.

At the moment, the best we really can do is try and connect a few dots and speculate. In other words, we're just going to have to patiently wait and see what Anthem's post-launch approach looks like it, but for now, it sounds promising and pretty consumer friendly, at least by modern standards.

Anthem is in development for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, and is poised to release on February 22nd, with a public demo coming three weeks earlier on February 1.

In case you missed it, yesterday, BioWare released a brand-new trailer that focused on the game's story, shared-world interaction, and how it is attempting to re-invent storytelling in a multiplayer frame.

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