Apex Legends Brings Back Limited-Time Mode With a New Twist

One of Apex Legends’ past limited-time modes has made a return this week, but this time, it’s got a bit of a different twist to it. The mode that’s returned for a while is Always Be Closing Evolved, and instead of dropping players into the mode and leaving them to their own devices, this variant arms players with a limited inventory to get them started. You get a Mozambique and an Evo Shield to begin with, but after that, it’s up to players to find loot, level up their shields, and stay ahead of the ring since it’s always right behind them.

The whole point of the limited-time mode, as the name suggests, is that the ring never stops moving like it would in a normal game. Instead of reaching checkpoints between stages where you catch a break from the ring before you have to start moving again, you constantly have to be on the move so you’re not caught outside of bounds.

That’s how the mode worked when it was first added to Apex Legends during a gauntlet of limited-time modes, and it’s how it’ll work again. The only change in it this time is the one mentioned previously where you drop in with a starting arsenal and have to level up your shields on your own.

Mozambiques won’t be the preferred weapon for most players to start with, but considering how much damage the weapon can do in close quarters if you hit the full spread on an enemy, dropping hot will be a quick way to level up your shields. You could always play it safe and drop somewhere less active to scavenge for better gear before you really get going which is what many players did during the Evo Shield game modes from before, but the fact that the ring is always closing means you can’t just drop somewhere and wait around till you have the optimal gear any more.


The game mode is live now in Apex Legends and will stick around until August 18th. Season 6 is coming to Apex Legends later this month, so expect to see more new content live in the game shortly after this game mode expires.