Apex Legends' Best Feature Is Coming to Rainbow Six Siege

Ever since Apex Legends made its debut, fans of Rainbow Six Siege have been asking Ubisoft to incorporate more contextual pings into the game. After all, the setup has proven so successful that pings have been overhauled in games like Fortnite, PUBG, and Borderlands 3. Well, it appears Ubisoft was listening, and it will result in a slight change to the ping system in Siege. For now, the update will only allow players to ping gadgets, but it's a step in the right direction for players looking for more non-verbal cues to use in-game. This is the first update Ubisoft has made to the ping system since the game's launch just over four years ago.

Previously, the ping system in Rainbow Six Siege allowed players to leave generic yellow pings on the map. Unfortunately, without additional context, that just doesn't tell players what it is that they're looking at. The new addition will allow players to leave one gadget ping on the map at a time, and it will remain there for the duration of the game, or until the gadget is destroyed. It certainly doesn't rise to the level of Apex Legends' system, but it's clear Ubisoft is taking notes from the popular battle royale game!

For those not in the know, the ping system in Apex Legends allows players to leave pings for a variety of different reasons. The game's popular "circle ping" system allows players to let teammates know that they plan on looting certain areas, where they're heading, and more. When the game was released in late 2018, it quickly became one of Apex Legends' most widely-praised inclusions, leveling the playing field for those not using a headset.

Non-verbal cues play a big role for a lot of online gamers. Some simply prefer playing without headsets, or live in households where it isn't possible to use them. Others simply prefer avoiding a lot of the toxic behavior that is all-too-common online, while non-verbal cues are pivotal for gamers with certain disabilities. Apex Legends' ping system raised the bar for every other team-based MMO, and it's clear that many games are still playing catch-up, including Rainbow Six Siege.


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