Apex Legends Has a Ton of Bug Fixes Coming Next Week

Apex Legends’ latest update dropped this week to introduce the Chaos Theory event, a bunch of [...]

Apex Legends' latest update dropped this week to introduce the Chaos Theory event, a bunch of buffs and nerfs for different Legends, and quite a few bugs. Issues noticed after the update's release included misplaced sound effects and phantom footsteps among other problems, though Respawn Entertainment has plans to fix some of those. The developer announced on Wednesday that it's planning to release a hotfix on Monday that'll include fixes for quite a few different problems.

News of the incoming hotfix came from Apex Legends Game Director Chad Grenier who shared the notes for the hotfix ahead of its release. Those can be found below, though it's worth noting that some of the changes have been blurred out since they deal with content that's not yet been activated.

Throughout the fixes listed above, some of the most notable ones deal with the new Heat Shield item that's been introduced to Apex Legends. In the one day that the item has been available, players have apparently found ways to exploit it in order to ensure they have "infinite uses," an obvious problem given that its whole purpose is to temporarily block damage from the ring or ring flares.

Even if you haven't encountered that exploit, you've likely experienced the bug with the Heat Shield audio if you've been playing in the past day. The issue causes the sound effects from the Heat Shield to play for players seemingly at random which ends up being pretty distracting if you're trying to pay attention to ring flares, the ring itself, and other threats.

It's also worth noting that there's at least one loading screen fix included in the next hotfix. The release on Monday is supposed to help GeForce Now users who are stuck in infinite loading screens, but it doesn't appear as though a full solution for the other loading screen problems will be released yet.

Apex Legends' next hotfix with the issues above included is planned for a release on Monday.