'Apex Legends' Cheater Says They Can't Be Banned and Taunts Respawn, Gets Banned Anyway

The story of one Apex Legends cheater who thought themselves unbannable by Respawn Entertainment is a satisfying one for anyone who's dealt with cheaters in the battle royale game. One streamer who was said to be seen using and selling cheats in Apex Legends advertised as much in their stream's title before the video was removed, and after being banned, they said that Respawn couldn't keep them at bay for long. A play-by-play of the banning incident shows that they were incorrect.

Respawn has gone after Apex Legends cheaters several times before, but it's the latest ban wave that led to the tale of banned accounts and futile taunts seen below. While Apex hackers tried to find their way back into the game and deduced that they were up against a hardware ban, one player was adamant about Respawn not being able to permanently ban them. Within the Reddit thread that discussed the ban wave, one cheater was singled out by users and Respawn responded to say they were "on it."

Responding to the comment about the cheater that's now deleted, another user shared the rollercoaster of a play-by-play seen below that was edited multiple times to show what happened to the cheater.


from discussion Hackers are crying, it looks like a huge banwave hit them. Good job Respawn..

According to those following the cheater's stream, the streamer taunted Respawn by asking where their ban was and said the system was easy to bypass. "They can't keep me out," the cheater said at one point, according to the users watching, after every attempt at a new account was quickly struck down after the first game was played.

The streamer would go on to blame others (like Reddit) before saying they don't create hacks, they just sell them, so their infractions weren't as severe as those who create cheats. Though the streamer's video showing the events that transpired appears to be deleted, the comment that recounted what happened said the video title about cheating was later changed to "TALKING TO CHAT WHILE FINDING A NEW GAME TO PLAY | BANNED FROM APEX, CURRENTLY."

A Respawn developer commented in another Reddit thread which discussed that incident specifically and said "This is how I spent 45 mins this morning." The same member of Respawn's team thanked users for bringing cheaters like this one to their attention so Respawn can "clean up the game faster."



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