Apex Legends LTM Teases New Season 16 Feature

Apex Legends players believe they may have spotted a new hop-up coming to the game in Season 16 thanks to the game's newest limited-time mode. One of the tooltips for the Hardcore Mode that's in the game now appears to have included an image showing off plans for an L-Star hop-up, though Respawn Entertainment naturally hasn't said anything directly about the matter. Past leaks, however, have given players something to go off of in terms of how this suspected hop-up might perform.

The hop-up in question can be seen in a tooltip for the Hardcore mode which instructs players how to check their weapon's ammo without having the always-on HUD to display that info. The image in question shows this process with an L-Star which makes the weapon's unique HUD show up. It's got the usual slots for a barrel mod, magazine, scope, and a stock, but there's a fifth slot seen there, too, which is the slot always reserved for hop-ups.

Despite the attempts from the leaker shown above to poke fun at Respawn for letting this slip, this sort of thing isn't uncommon for Respawn and Apex when it comes to upcoming seasons. In fact, appearances of soon-to-come features like this one show up so frequently in trailers and images that people have moved away from calling these leaks since it seems as though these sorts of previews are intentional. They get the community talking just as it is now, and later, more details are revealed.

But players may already have an idea of what this weapon hop-up does thanks to previous leaks. Apex leaker KralRindo tweeted around this time last year that info related to something called an "Explosive Lobber" had been discovered in the game's finals. This presumed hop-up was listed as one only available on the L-Star at the time, so naturally, people believe this new teaser is hinting at that weapon attachment. The fact that it "leaked" a year ago shows how some of this content can sit around in the game before it ever gets released (assuming it does even get released), so even though this apparent tease is our best indication yet of the hop-up's existence, there's no guarantee that it'll be released in the next season.