Apex Legends Update Removes Map in Response to Crashes

Apex Legends players can no longer play on the Olympus map now that it's been removed from the current map rotation as a response to some crashes players were experiencing. Taking its place is World's Edge, a fan-favorite map which was already part of Season 15 that'll just be seen more frequently now that Olympus isn't there any longer. Respawn Entertainment didn't specify when or if the map will be back in the rotation at all this season, so for now, it looks like World's Edge will be its replacement until Season 16 starts.

The map swap was a response to an error that players had been encountering when playing this season, an error that said "Engine Error – UI Images Ran Out of Room." The confusing error with no apparent solution or cause typically resulted in crashes, too, which have been happening throughout the season.

Respawn said previously that it was working on this issue, and while it wasn't specified in the follow-up shared on Thursday, it was apparently an issue that was tied largely to Olympus. That's not to say the error isn't happening elsewhere, too, but it was big enough a problem on the smaller map that Respawn felt it necessary to remove Olympus entirely for the time being.

With that change in mind, the current map rotation swaps players between World's Edge and the newest map, Broken Moon, in normal, public matches. More significantly than that, World's Edge has also taken the place of Olympus in the ranked mode, too. Given that the first half of the season's ranked mode was spent on Broken Mood and the second on Olympus, those who only play ranked may want to hop into a few pubs matches first to brush up on their World's Edge strategies since we'll apparently be sticking with that map for the rest of the season.

As for the remainder of this season and the start of the next, it's currently predicted that Season 15 will conclude mid-February with Season 16 to follow right afterwards. Leaks for new Legends supposedly coming to the game have of course circulated online ahead of the new season, but we don't know yet what the plans are for Season 16.