'Apex Legends' Meta and Balance Will Be Discussed Soon by Respawn

Apex Legends struck a nice balance between the various weapons and Legends at launch, though Respawn Entertainment still has plans for the meta that the developer said it’ll be talking about soon.

Respawn addressed the meta in a check-in post within the Apex Legends subreddit where it announced plans to talk about the state of balance soon. The developer said it’s been listening to players’ feedback and will unveil not only its methods for evaluating the meta but also what it plans to do to adjust it.

“We’ve been listening to player feedback and going through the mountains of data we get from the game,” Respawn said in its update. “Soon we’ll be talking more about how we think about live balance for Apex Legends and some of the changes to expect to the meta.”

The Wingman and Peacekeeper are obvious winners in Apex Legends while relying on kicks and punches is often preferred to picking up a Mozambique, but aside from those outliers, Apex Legends’ wide array guns is mostly balanced. Different Legends also have stronger abilities than others, though all of them have their situational strengths. There’s been no shortage of suggestions from the community regarding how Respawn should adjust certain elements, but the developer has held off on making any knee-jerk decisions since the game’s release.

In the same update, Respawn also provided a justification for its Twitch Prime loot bug fix that came so quickly. Twitch Prime users can get free loot if they have a Twitch Prime subscription, though some people figured out how to get the loot through an exploit. Respawn patched that out which led to some grumblings from the community about game-crashing bugs that hadn’t been fixed yet while loot exploits were fixed first, so Respawn explained its bug-fixing process.


“There are different people working on different issues, and some are a lot easier than others,” Respawn said. “When a bug is reported there are some that we can reproduce and address right away and others take more time and investigation to fix. Understand that just because we fixed one thing quickly vs another that doesn’t mean other bugs are not a priority or actively being worked on.”

Apex Legends’ first season is scheduled to begin in March, so expect some news from Respawn in the coming days ahead of the next month.