Apex Legends Players Get Battle Pass Levels and Skins for Drinking Monster Energy

Monster Energy has had more than a few partnerships with different multiplayer games by now, and as of this week, it's taken part in another by collaborating with Apex Legends. The game's running a promotion right now where players can submit codes earned from purchases of Monster Energy in exchange for rewards like Legend skins, weapon skins, and progression through the current season's battle pass level. There's also a sweepstakes going on now that offers winners a more involved experience.

To get all of the Monster Energy rewards, you're going to have to drink a lot of Monsters, or you'll at least have to know people who drink them often. The prizes max out once someone's redeemed codes from 60 different cans.

A total of 12 battle pass levels can be skipped by drinking a bunch of Monsters during the promotional period. Mixed in within those battle pass skips are five different versions of a multi-tier badge, a Volt SMG skin, an Octane skin, a Wraith skin, a Gun Charm, and a Holo Spray. The event's live from now until December 31st, so you've got until then to redeem enough Monsters to get whatever you want. All the rewards can be seen here.

On top of that, Monster Energy said that every code counts as one entry into a sweepstakes for a "ziplining, driving experience, & paint ball in Montreal, Canada." There will be 10 winners chosen to participate in that event, but the winners won't be notified until February 2022. If you think you'll have a shot at that, you can read through the official details about the sweepstakes here.


Season 10 in Apex Legends will go on for a while longer with more events expected to get underway between now and then, so if you're still progressing through the battle pass at a decent pace, you've got plenty of time to complete the battle pass between now and the end of the season even without the Monster Energy skips. Since the Monster promotion lasts until the end of the year, you should, in theory, be able to skip through the next season's battle pass, too, assuming it starts around November as players expect.