Respawn Teases New Maps, New Characters, and New Modes for 'Apex Legends'

Apex Legends has taken the battle royale world by storm and despite only being out a week, has already amassed over 25 million players taking to this exciting mode of PvP play. Now the question is -- will Respawn take the PUBG route and add new maps, or will they take their que from Fortnite and just expand upon the one?

Given that Respawn's Vincent Zampella is known for his incredible contributions to shooters like Call of Duty, it's not surprising that he'd have the magic formula for battle royale with his team. The CEO recently sat down with the folks over at VentureBeat to talk about the battler royale hit and hinted at tons of new content on the way, including new maps.

When asked if there would be a lot of post-launch content, Zampella responded "Oh yeah, absolutely. This is just the start of our journey. There will be new maps, new modes, new characters, new weapons, new skins. There will be a ton of stuff coming over the next year to 10, maybe. It depends on how successful it is."

Given how successful it already is and the overall fan reception has been incredible so far, we can't imagine that we won't see these new content drops in the near future. Though new maps would be amazing, personally I'm more excited to see new characters. I've been a huge fan of Wraith so far, I'd be interested to seeing what other incredible additions the team could possibly be adding to the roster.

Apex Legends is now available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The team also talked a little bit about cross-play plans and what that means for progress, you can learn more about that right here with our previous coverage.


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