Apex Legends Players Discover the "Best Rat Spot" in Season 14

Apex Legends Season 14 ushered in another wave of map changes with Kings Canyon in particular undergoing a renovation that tweaked several key points of interest. While the bigger changes were relegated to places previously known as Skull Town and the Thunderdome, smaller adjustments were made around the map, too, which have forced players to change their rotations and other behaviors accordingly. One side effect of all these updates is the fact that Kings Canyon now hosts what some are calling one of the best "rat spots" in the history of Apex.

For the uninitiated, the term "rat spot" is an extension of calling players "rats" when they hide in-game, typically in an attempt to wait for the lobby to thin out and therefore increase their chances of earning more ranked points. It can be done outside of ranked, too, though the rewards aren't quite as tangible especially if you don't even win the game.

Rat spots, therefore, are the places these players find to bide their time safely away from the fights. Kings Canyon has a new one of those, and players are already over it.

One of the first videos highlighting this spot was shared on Reddit a few days prior to the clip above where players asked if this was the "best rat spot" in Apex's history. This particular spot is next to the Market POI, a location which didn't undergo any changes itself, but the caves all around it did with old tunnels blocked off or moved.

So, what makes this spot so attractive for players looking to hide? For starters, it's incredibly hard to find unless you already know what you're looking for, and considering how it's being publicized online, its usefulness is already diminishing. In addition to being quite out of the way already, it's big enough to comfortably fit well over three players to the point that people have had full fights contained in just that area.

It looks as though this new spot was added unintentionally when the caves were being worked on, though there's no telling right now whether or not it'll stick around throughout the rest of the season or if it'll be patched out. Until it does get removed (should that ever happen), be sure to lob a projectile up there when you pass by or have Seer or a similar Legend check it just in case.