Apex Legends Players Annoyed by Hidden Change in Sun Squad Update

Apex Legends' new Sun Squad Collection event dropped this week alongside an update which contained only a couple of changes, though it seems there were some undocumented adjustments included in that update, too. Some of those aren't going over too well either with players left confused as to why things were even changed in the first place. One change in particular has made it so that the buttons pressed to swap and remove attachments have been flipped which has led to people accidently removing their weapon attachments entirely. Perhaps it goes without saying, but players are none too happy with this change and are hoping that it's reverted.

To see this change in action, all you have to do is head to your inventory once you've got two weapons and at least one attachment (like a sight) which can be placed on either of the weapons. If you're playing on an Xbox controller, your muscle memory will probably tell you to press the "X" button to transfer the attachment over to the other weapon. Pressing "A" would remove it entirely and place it back in your inventory or toss it onto the ground if your backpack was full. It's been that way for as long as Apex players care to remember, and it's worked perfectly fine.

Now, however, it's apparently been decided that it makes more sense for the inputs to be flipped. Pressing "X" removes the attachment entirely, and "A" transfers it. Players have confirmed the same is true for those on mouse and keyboard, and while we haven't been able to test it yet on a PlayStation controller, it's likely the same change occurred there, too.

"F**k this change" reads one response posted in the Apex subreddit in regards to this change. Others chimed in to agree and express relief that they weren't losing their touch after accidently unequipping attachments over and over again. The change was also called out by well known figures in the Apex community who questioned what its purpose was.

Respawn Entertainment did not mention this change in the patch notes for the Sun Squad update nor has it been addressed post-patch on socials or anywhere else. We've reached out to inquire as to why this change was made and whether or not an option is being considered that would allow players to revert to the old setting. We'll update this story accordingly if we hear back.