Arcade1Up Announces Online-Enabled NBA Jam Cabinet and More at New York Toy Fair

Arcade1Up announced several new arcade cabinets on Saturday at the New York Toy Fair, one of which [...]

Arcade1Up announced several new arcade cabinets on Saturday at the New York Toy Fair, one of which is the company's first online-enabled machine. NBA Jam is the first product of its kind from the preservers of retro games since it supports Wi-Fi for online play between up to four players regardless of if they're using the same cabinet or not. This new product was joined by pre-order announcements for two other machines that feature their own collection of beloved classics.

The scaled arcade cabinet collection Arcade1Up boasts encompasses numerous fan-favorites, but none of them have been online until now. Arcade1Up shared details about how its NBA Jam machine would work and said up to four different players across four machines throughout North America will be able to play with one another in "drop-in style games." You'll be connecting with other Arcade1Up NBA Jam cabinets when you play, so once the devices start shipping, expect to encounter players from around North America joining our games.

The NBA Jam cabinet includes the games NBA Jam, NBA Jam Tournament Edition, and NBA Hangtime. Joining this cabinet to create the trio of New York Toy Fair announcements are two other products: Frogger and PAC-MAN: 40th Anniversary Edition. The Frogger cabinet comes loaded with Frogger, Time Pilot, and Time Pilot 84 while the PAC-MAN cabinet comes with PAC-MAN, GALAGA, PAC-MAN Plus, Super PAC-MAN, PAC & PAL, PAC-LAND, and PAC-MANIA. This PAC-MAN cabinet is also outfitted with unique artwork and faux wood grain side panels to recreate the classic PAC-MAN experience.

"This is a very exciting moment in Arcade1Up's history," said Scott Bachrach, CEO, Tastemakers, LLC, the parent company of Arcade1Up. "Not only have we launched pre-orders for our first ever Wi-Fi-enabled cabinet NBA Jam, but we have also launched pre-orders on some of arcade history's largest returning titles, Frogger, and our very own PAC-MAN 40th Anniversary Edition cabinet, celebrating 40 glorious years of PAC-DOT eating fun."

These three arcade cabinets are part of Arcade1Up's spring collection, and those interested in adding the devices to your collection will be able to pre-order the NBA Jam cabinet, the PAC-MAN cabinet, and the Frogger cabinet through GameStop and, most likely, here at Walmart. For those attending New York Toy Fair this week, you can visit Arcade1Up's setup at the event to play more retro experiences planned for 2020.

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