'Assassin's Creed Unity' Gets Reverse Review Bombed

Review bombs aren't exactly uncommon anymore with disgruntled players able to take to retail platforms like Steam to voice their discontent with games and game creators' decisions. Usually these review bombs are negative ones that stem from decisions made that only somewhat relate to the game itself, but some people are showing that it's actually possible for a game to receive a positive review bomb. That's exactly what's happening with Assassin's Creed Unity now that people are leaving tons of positive reviews following a big donation and giveaway from Ubisoft after the incident at the Notre Dame Cathedral.

Ubisoft announced several days ago that it would be donating €500,000 towards the reconstruction and restoration of the Notre Dame Cathedral after a fire destroyed many parts of the historic landmark. The studio also said it'd be giving away Assassin's Creed Unity for free for a while so that everyone could see the in-game version of the Notre Dame Cathedral. Game Informer noticed that, after that announcement, players started taking to the game's Steam page to leave positive reviews and boost the game's standing.

The game's free on Ubisoft's Uplay, not Steam, but that didn't stop people from dropping their reviews there. Looking at the graph which shows the game's most recent reviews reveals that it's ranked as "Very Positive" recently despite having "Mixed" reviews overall. It's still not bringing in thousands of reviews like it was years ago, but on April 16th, an influx of positive reviews praised Ubisoft for their version of the Notre Dame Cathedral. After Ubisoft's announcement was made the day later, several hundred more reviews came in during the following days, each of them praising Ubisoft's actions.

There were a few, of course, who said the game itself still has issues regardless of the donation, and at least one said it wasn't fair that they paid for the game and it's now free on Uplay. The reviews have been positive for the most part though which shows that a reverse review bomb, or positive review bomb, is indeed possible.



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