Atlus Hints at New Game in Job Listing Before Removing the Info

For Atlus fans, there's good news: A new game appears to be in the works with a hush hush job [...]


For Atlus fans, there's good news: A new game appears to be in the works with a hush hush job listing that was promptly taken back down. But as is the nature of the internet, mistaken release of info lasts forever and we've got the job post below below to see what could be next for the Tokyo company:

A person with 2D concept design / original animation experience sought! For a PS4 high-end action game.
Work for an in-house team that is a well-established consumer developer famous for the unique "Megami" and demon RPG!

Job Category: Game Development – Game 2DCG Designer Animation – Animator (Original)
It is a PS4 project that is under recent development. We will inform you of the game's style at the meeting.
The genre of the game contains action-based battle elements.
Job Description: 2D concept art production is the main task.
Work Location: Setagaya, Tokyo

Additionally, the removed information included for the Key Animation listing states that it's "a job for the in-house team of a long-standing consumer game maker famous for its unique goddess (megami) and demon RPGs."

The specific job posting did not say it was Atlus by name, but the location of the offices are in Setagaya, which is where Atlus resides. The line about Megami is also for the company, so without being confirmed - it only makes sense that this was intended for a new project from this particular gaming power house.

On a Resetera thread speculating about what could be on the horizon, many were asking for Raidou 3, while others wishfully hope for Jack Frost Rising. Re: Fantasy was also among the speculation, but at this point - it's hard to know exactly what could be in the cards. Though with the insanely positive feedback Persona 5 received, it wouldn't be so far fetched to see a new title in that franchise as well.

For now, it's all speculation but it is curious how quickly they took this listing down. What could be on the horizon for Atlus? Stay tuned!