Attack on Titan 2 Adds New Battle Mode for the Ultimate Duel

Ready to duel it out in Attack on Titan 2? Good, because a new mode has just been released with the latest patch for the Koei Tecmo title and it is the ultimate "who's better." Called 'Decisive Battle Mode,' this new feature challenges players to a one-on-one face off to prove who is most fit to take on the Titan threat. Knowing the battlefield, clear direction, and strategy are key and brings an all new layer to the game itself.

At this time, the mode is only available for the Japanese version of the game but if it's anything like the Expulsion mode, it is only a matter of time before it makes its way over to the Western side.

Here's what the Decisive Mode has to offer per the Japanese press release, translation courtesy of PlayStation Lifestyle:

Basic rules of Decisive Battle Mode
Titans are allocated to both allied and enemy teams. Destroy the enemy team’s titans to reduce their team point. The team who can either reduce their opponent’s gauge to 0 or have higher gauge when time runs out will win.

Ten Ability Types
Players can choose from ten Ability Types that determine their stats, skills, and items. These Ability Types will be unique to this mode and different from the previously added Destruction/Expulsion Mode.

Burst greatly changes the situation
There is an orange Burst Gauge at the top part of the screen, right below the team gauge. This gauge gets filled by destroying titans, and when full will activate Burst mode. Character stats will be greatly raised temporarily, allowing them to destroy Titans with overwhelming power.

Powerful Titans blocking the way
Strong titans like the Beast Titan will also appear. These titans are in a neutral force, but the team which can defeat them will be able to deplete much of the opponent’s gauge.

Buddies will help secure victory
SOS signals will randomly show up in this mode. By successfully responding to them, you will be able to recruit series characters as Buddies. Borrow their reliable powers to move the battle to your advantage.


Attack on Titan 2 is out now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC! To check out our thoughts on the latest title, see a small blurb from our full review below:

"Overall, Attack on Titan 2 may have had a slow start but the build up was definitely worth it. It was a sequel that was a clever repackaging of the first game without feeling like a repetitious buy. This title is the perfect jumping point for getting into the franchise as well, especially with out close it tied into the first game. From the fully immersive nature of gameplay, to the incredibly enthralling narrative ... Attack on Titan 2 is a must have for any anime fan looking for a solid gameplay experience."