'Attack on Titan 2' Is Getting a Season 3 Update

A free update for Attack on Titan 2 is coming to the game on August 9 to commemorate the start of the Attack on Titan anime’s third season.

The update that was announced recently by Koei Tecmo is releasing for all players on August 9 to add free content to the game. From cosmetics to difficulties to unique skills that different characters possess, the Attack on Titan 2 site features a page detailing everything that’s in the update, starting with Kenny’s hat that’s shown off in the image below.

“A new character, Kenny, has appeared in Season 3 of the anime ‘Attack on Titan,’” the patch notes for the August 9 update said. Players will be able to equip his hat in character creation. Recreate Kenny and take him for an omni-directional mobility whirl to drive off the terrible Titans.”

There’s also another difficulty that’s being added to give players a bit more freedom in the game and not be as limited by resources. Called the “Heaven” difficulty, consumables like gas, blades, and battle items like smoke signals now have unlimited usage when this difficulty is enabled.

Attack on Titan 2
(Photo: Koei Tecmo)

Characters in Attack on Titan 2 will also gain the ability to adopt different skills from anime characters. Koei Tecmo says that “skills are learned after beating the anime character with that skill after that character has reached level 10” while sharing the list below that breaks down the different skills for each character.

  • Mikasa
    • Ultimate Blade Art: Greatly reduces blade durability losses on sufficiently speedy attacks.
  • Armin
    • Natural Tactics: Allied soldiers' attack power increases greatly as more soldiers fight together.
  • Jean
    • Strength of Unity: Attack power increases greatly as more soldiers fight together.
  • Conny
    • Easily Pleased: Greatly increases the damage of the next attack after acquiring a Complete Elimination medal.
  • Sasha
    • Survival Instincts: Acquire multiple items when linking up with allied soldiers.
  • Christa
    • Goddess Grin: Acquire multiple items when linking up with allied soldiers.
  • Levi
    • Wings of Freedom: Press button repeatedly while attacking to perform a powerful multiple-hit attack.
  • Hange
    • Research Heart: Greatly increases damage done by attacks using tools.
  • Erwin
    • Devotee: Greatly increases attack power while a battle alert signal is raised and increases length of time effects last.

Lastly, players will soon be able to practice their online-only modes offline before putting their skills into effect.

“The ‘Showdown’ and ‘Expulsion’ modes were distributed as online only modes. Now players will be able to practice and polish their skills before actually going online. In addition, the completion reward for Titan Biological Research Report has been changed from Titan Research Room EXP to a Generic Statement of Deployment. It’s now also possible to carry out a Titan Biological Research Report without using any Wings of Freedom.”

The Attack on Titan 2 update releases on August 9 with the full patch notes seen here.