Someone Made a Pokemon Pokedex Entry For Baby Yoda

In our polarized times, it's rare to see everyone come together on something. Fortunately, this very week, as Thanksgiving looms, the entirety of the internet seems to be in love with not one, but two things. First is Baby Yoda. Ever since the wee version of everyone's favorite jedi muppet appeared in the final moments of the first episode of The Mandalorian, the internet has fallen in love, with many declaring their intent to protect the adorable creature should the show's other protagonist fall into a Sarlacc Pit, get decapitated or face some equally gruesome end. The other thing the internet has fallen hard for are the new Pokemon introduced in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Whether it's the sheep Pokemon Wooloo, the electric corgi Yamper or the mildly depressed Sobble, everyone seems taken with the latest generation of pocket monsters.

In a moment that conjures memories of Reese's "you got your chocolate in my peanut butter" advertising campaign, Lucas Film Ltd. Event Coordinator Daniel Kennedy made the above post, imagining Baby Yoda as the latest entry in the Galar Pokedex. With the Pokemon's discovery 50 years ago and its psychic abilities, the entry reads like it was explicitly written for Baby Yoda, but that's an actual entry that appears in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Despite Kennedy's position with the Star Wars brand, this is just a bit of fun on his part. Kennedy apparently got the idea when he was reading the Pokedex entry for Beheyeem, one of the new psychic-type Pokemon introduced in the games.

Funny enough, while that particular entry seems like a perfect match, Baby Yoda also seems to have plenty in common with another popular Pokemon. With its pointy ears, incredible powers, and proclivity for riding on the back of a much taller sidekick, Baby Yoda might even make a good fill-in for Ash's Pikachu. Heck, both creatures are also being pursued by an evil organization bent on conquest in their respective television shows, too! Perhaps Kennedy picked the wrong Pokedex entry to swap in!


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