Backwards Compatible Halo Games Are Still In The Works

Plans for backwards compatible Halo games haven't been forgotten, according to an update from 343 [...]

halo back compat

Plans for backwards compatible Halo games haven't been forgotten, according to an update from 343 Industries.

Halo fans were thrilled to hear at E3 that several older Halo games would be brought to the Xbox One through the backwards compatibility program, and after a few months have passed, it's reassuring to know that these games are still working their way to the newer consoles.

The games that were announced back in June to come to the Xbox One's backwards compatibility program are Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST, Halo 4, and Halo: CE Anniversary. Unfortunately, there's no word of a release date for when these older games will be included into the massive library of backwards compatibility games, but work on the games is well underway. Developers are working hard to get the games ready to play on the Xbox One, and internal playtesting is even going on to perfect the finer details that made previous Halo games so engaging.

"Good news: back-compat is still a thing!" an update on the state of Halo's backwards compatible capabilities read on a weekly Halo Waypoint update. "The Xbox BC team is still churning away on getting the titles prepared for public consumption on Xbox One hardware (in fact, there's been quite a bit of playtesting going on here at the studio as well the past few days). Still no further word on timing for availability, but consider this as us 'still mentioning it.'"

In addition to these games being playable through the Xbox One's backwards compatibility program, the map packs for each of these games are also a treat that players can look forward to. Each of these map packs are planned to be free for the games with the exception of one map pack at the moment. The Noble Map Pack is still not free, another point that was touched on within the update, but 343 says that's something they're working on resolving.

The update is promising, but a release date for the games would be even better news. There's no telling when such an announcement might be made, but with Xbox taking a trip to Gamescom next week, perhaps we'll hear more about it there.