Battlefield 2042 Beta Release Window Revealed

Earlier this year, those in charge at Electronic Arts said that it would be looking to get this [...]

Earlier this year, those in charge at Electronic Arts said that it would be looking to get this year's new Battlefield in the hands of fans sooner than ever before. While that promise never ended up actually coming to fruition, the team at DICE working on Battlefield 2042 has now at least informed prospective players of when they'll be able to play the game prior to launch. And luckily, this newfound window isn't too far off.

Alongside announcing the new Portal game mode for Battlefield 2042 today, EA and DICE also revealed when the multiplayer shooter's open beta phase will be happening. Specifically, it was confirmed that this beta period is set to transpire two months from now in September 2021. Even though a more defined start date within this window wasn't given, this is the first time that EA has committed to a launch window for the beta whatsoever.

As of this writing, sadly, all that we really know about Battlefield 2042's open beta is this newly revealed release window. DICE and EA haven't given further details about what the beta will have in store or how long it will run just yet. However, given how quickly September is approaching, these pieces of information are sure to come about sooner rather than later.

At this point in time, the one additional thing EA has confirmed about the Battlefield 2042 beta is that those who pre-order it will get access to it ahead of time. Again, while specifics aren't nailed down with how this will work, there will likely be an early access period for those who pre-order Battlefield 2042 either a few days or a week in advance of the open beta for all players. So if you're someone who would like to play the game a bit longer when it releases in this format come September, you might want to pre-order in the near future.

As for Battlefield 2042 as a whole, the game is poised to release later this fall on October 22. It will be released across PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC platforms when it does launch.