Battlefield V Bug Is Still Making Players Invisible

Battlefield V players have encountered a particularly frustrating bug in the past week or so that's still finding its way into matches. It's a bug that makes it so that the occasional enemy becomes invisible and can only be spotted by a floating weapon and the rounds coming from it. This bug was implemented in one of the game's recent updates, and though it hasn't been fixed yet, the developers said that they're still working to fix the problem and that the bug is a priority.

EA Dice addressed the bug several days ago in an update on Reddit that said the problems was being investigated. It was first attributed to "faulty customization options" though it was later thought to be a "purely random occurrence. Random or not, it's an occurrence that's happening fairly often in games, enough that players have become quite frustrated by it. The community has been sharing their accounts of this bog on Twitter and other platforms to show what it's like to go up against an enemy that you can't even see.

Fast-forward a few days after that bug was addressed the problem was said to be identified and it's still in games making players invisible. While stability is always a priority, the latest update from the Battlefield V team said the bug and others would be addressed soon in a separate post.

"We have noted that the Xbox One fix from Update 4.0.1 (Ch 4 Update #1.1 Hotfix) did not improve the situation and we are tracking further issues with regards crashing and stability," the latest update read. "Meanwhile, our team is also prioritizing the Invisible Soldier bug - as this significantly impacts gameplay (it isn't fair if your enemy is invisible but you're not, obviously), as well as other top gameplay impacting bugs. We'll have more information to share next week in This Week in Battlefield V."

Regarding other questions about content coming to the game, DICE said things planned previously are still on the way, but the game has to be fixed first.


"The team's focus right now is stability, major bug fixes, and the invisibility bug," said Jeff Braddock, North American community manager for Battlefield V. "Getting Al-Sundan on Conquest is also a priority, but we need to fix the game first."