Battlefield V: How Fortifications Will Shape the Experience


Battlefield V has only recently been revealed, but the details concerning the next step of the FPS franchise have us more than a little excited. From the incredibly detailed customization, to the new Airborne Mode on the way - there's a lot to be excited for from the upcoming title. To further hype up shooter fans, the team took to the game's blog to reveal even more about the historic title and how some of the newest additions really are game changers.

One of the aspects about the latest entry that has us intrigued is the addition of Fortifications. Since destruction is the name of the game, the new Fortification system aims to be the ultimate follow up. According to DICE, "Going hand-in-hand with destruction, the new Fortifications system is up next. This is something we're particularly excited about, and having had the system in place for a while, it's hard to imagine Battlefield without it. You can build various types of military assets thanks to Fortifications: foxholes, sandbags, barbed wire, tank stoppers, and more. You can reinforce buildings that have been destroyed. Remember playing Operations as an attacker, seeing the map being leveled throughout the match, leaving no cover left? That can now be countered thanks to Fortifications."

They then opened up about how much this feature will enhance the dynamicism of the game itself, providing a more immersive experience for all, "This will all lead to much more dynamic gameplay. If you want to hold a flag, you can use Fortifications to close entrances to control points and funnel enemies towards you. This adds a tactical layer and more choice on the battlefield.

In Battlefield V, everyone is equipped with a toolbox and everyone can use Fortifications – although the Support is the best at it. Play as this class, and you'll also be able to build and repair stationary weapons."

But before the Fortifications, there is destruction. According to the developer, "Developing Battlefield V, we've put a lot of effort into crafting the destruction – a true staple for the franchise – and it will be more dynamic than ever. As the battle rages on and structures collapse, you won't see pre-determined animations – but dynamic sequences based on physics, materials, and the hardware being used. If you shoot a projectile that blows up inside a house, the walls will crack from the inside, making debris fly outwards.


Drive a tank into a building, and the debris will instead move inwards. No matter how a building is destroyed, different parts of it will crack, move, and then crumble in a more time-extended way than in previous titles, where the fun of destruction ended quicker. Each match in Battlefield V should and will be different, and destruction is no exception."

We'll be learning more about the latest in the FPS franchise in the coming weeks, with EA Play kicking off the grand event! Battlefield V will be releasing for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC players on October 19th.