Battlefield V Won’t Have a Premium Pass or Expansion Packs

Over the years, Electronic Arts has been playing around with different strategies when it comes to [...]

Battlefield 2

Over the years, Electronic Arts has been playing around with different strategies when it comes to add-on content in games. Battlefield 1, for example, had a Premium Pass and expansion packs to enhance the experience with new maps; but then we have both Titanfall 2 and Star Wars: Battlefront II, which offer extra content at no extra charge.

It appears that the publisher is becoming a fan of the latter strategy. During today's Battlefield V live stream, the developers at DICE revealed that the latest game in the series will do away with the strategy that worked in previous entries. That means users will not need to pay for a Premium Pass. Everything will be included with the game, being added through a live service that will launch alongside it.

This includes the first expansion, Fall of Europe, which will launch sometime in November. DICE didn't detail what this will include just yet, but it sounds like it could expand upon the main story while, at the same time, offering some new multiplayer goods.

And the Live service will make sure that all players are on the same field, so that everyone can access the content at the same time. This was a struggle with previous Battlefield games since those that didn't purchase a Premium Pass for something like Battlefield 4 or Battlefield 1 couldn't join their friends on other maps unless it was offered as a freebie or giveaway.

This move is going to mean great news for Battlefield fans, as they pretty much only have to pay once to get the full World War II experience that the game is set to present. It's unknown if we will see cosmetic microtransactions in the game or something along those lines. But it is nice to see that we're going to get a lot of bang for the buck, as we have previously with Titanfall 2 and Battlefront II.

And you won't have to wait long to try the game out, as EA is preparing a pre-order beta that will likely launch on Xbox One first before the game rolls out in October.

Battlefield V releases on October 19 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.