Breaking: Beyond Good & Evil 2 Gets A New Trailer

It’s been, what, a good nine years since we’ve seen any sort of trailer for Beyond Good & Evil [...]

It's been, what, a good nine years since we've seen any sort of trailer for Beyond Good & Evil 2. It's been so damn long that it's practically become the stuff of legend, to the point that we were wondering if the game would ever see the light of day. Good news – we freakin' will.

Beyond Good & Evil 2 got a surprise trailer reveal today, and it appears to be taking the mature-rated approach this time around, especially with all the F-bombs that drop throughout. But no matter – "it's about bloody time," as the producer, Michel Ancel, revealed today in a tearful reveal.

The trailer, which can be seen above, features a heist of some sort, with a trash-talking monkey using his robotic arm to swindle a gangster pig, then attempting to make a getaway alongside his female cohort, who drives him through a city landscape, with a number of enemies in pursuit. They eventually make their way back to a home base, where Jade, the main heroine from the original Beyond Good & Evil, apparently takes hold of what her cohorts have brought her, which reveals a cosmic map.

According to Ancel, the game will introduce a space exploration based world, where you can travel to different planets and take part in finding new dangers and rewards. It looks like multiplayer may be involved as well.

The game is still in development – in fact, Ancel has encouraged fans to jump into and help with its creation vai the Space Monkey program – but the fact that Ubisoft is re-focusing on the sequel (and again, nine years after the debut of the first trailer) is something we can get very excited over.

Beyond Good & Evil 2 doesn't have any kind of release date, but it's expected for consoles and PC when it eventually does arrive. Fortunately, we probably won't have to wait nine years for its arrival – we want to play this thing now.

Check out the trailer above to get an idea of the scope going into this amazing sequel, and be sure to check out the original if you haven't yet, as it's playable on Xbox One (via backward compatibility) and can also be purchased on PC and PlayStation 3 as well.

Oh, and did we mention how excited we are for this? Beyond Good & Evil is BACK!

And if you want, you can check out the trailer breakdown below with Ancel, just to see what kind of details they're putting into the game!