Bully 2 Possibly Teased By Rockstar Games

There's been rumors of Bully 2 for years now, but in 2019 the rumors and leaks have really ramped up. That said, it's mostly just been rumors and shady leaks. In other words, nothing very concrete. However, if you're willing to put a tinfoil hat on for a second, then there may actually be something a bit more convincing that recently surfaced. In fact, I should say tiny tinfoil hat, because there seems to be something to this, that or it's a big coincidence, which I suppose it could be, after all, the universe loves taunting Bully fans.

I'm getting ahead of my self though. First, some context. Remember last month when a Bully Easter Egg popped up in Grand Theft Auto Online's new Casino update? For those that missed it: in the penthouse decoration management feature, players have the option to hang a Canis Canem Edit wall piece in their home (Canis Canem Edit is what Bully was called in Europe). At the time, this seemed like perhaps just a little Easter Egg, similar to the Bully Easter Eggs in Red Dead Redemption 2.

That said, there was some scuttlebutt over whether the artwork's design featured hidden morse code. What fans discovered was that the supposed morse code translated to DNA4, which, well, means nothing. However, one fan noticed something pretty interesting about the morse code that no one else previously picked up on.

As you can see, there's possibly some straw grasping here, but it's interesting nonetheless. Again, this is probably just a coincidence, or as Yan2295 puts it -- a former Rockstar Games insider who once claimed Bully 2 was releasing after Red Dead Redemption 2 -- an "interesting coincidence."

Okay, you can remove your tinfoil hat now. As you can see, there's no concrete tease, hence the word "possibly" in the title. However, there's something to this, whether it's deliberate or a coincidence, I'm not sure, but there's no doubting this is pretty interesting.


At the moment of publishing, there's been no official world of Bully 2, however, a recent rumor does claim the game is releasing next year as a cross-gen title. For more news and rumors on the hypothetical title, click here.