'Call of Duty: Black Ops 4' Teases New Blackout Map Update

Treyarch released a new teaser for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s Blackout mode that shows something’s making its way towards the battle royale game mode’s map.

Sharing the teaser in a Tweet from the official Call of Duty account, a brief video shows a radar picking up the signature of an object off the shore of the map. It’s located just above Nuketown Island right where the side of the map juts into the ocean. The blip on the radar isn’t moving in the short time that the video plays, though the jumbled text with the tweet does say “incoming,” but it’s located not far off the land, certainly close enough for players to land on and move back and forth to.

There’s also a date included with the teaser with the text in the bottom-left corner saying “Confidential” before listing the date of December 11th. Whatever it is that’s coming to Blackout’s map, it looks like it’ll be fully revealed on that date.

One of the most common theories that’s appeared so far regarding what the blip on the radar might be familiar to those who played Call of Duty: Black Ops II. Hijacked was one of the maps in that game and was a favorite among players due to its setup that promoted close-quarters fights while providing some degree of verticality with different levels and corridors to fight through. If the replies to the Twitter account’s initial tweet combined with recent teasers are any indication of what’s coming, it looks like the Hijacked ship might be floating towards the Blackout map.

That area of the map where the blip on the radar is located is also curiously empty compared to the rest of Blackout’s map that’s mostly filled with locations spaced evenly apart, so it makes sense that something would be added there to fill that void. The addition of Hijacked or some sort of new map feature also falls in line with recent comments from Treyarch about its plans for Blackout’s map. It was said not long ago that Treyarch would prefer to update the current map as opposed to adding entirely new Blackout maps. Monday’s update for the game and all its modes also warned that Blackout players should “prepare for big changes” with more details coming this week, so that new info might detail what’s coming to Blackout a week from today.