Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Bonus Makes Free Week Even Better

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is getting a free week starting on Thursday to give players access to the game’s Zombies mode without owning the full game, but it also has another bonus planned for the weekend that’ll make that free week even better. Treyarch Studios announced this week that it plans to turn on a limited-time Double Weapon XP bonus starting on January 15th that’ll run for the next few days and will end before the Zombies free week concludes.

The Double Weapon XP bonus was announced earlier in the week and is scheduled to run from January 15th to January 19th, Treyarch announced. It’ll be live in both Black Ops Cold War as well as Warzone in case players need a break from Black Ops Cold War’s Multiplayer or Zombies modes.

Weapon XP gains can come from Black Ops Cold War’s Zombies mode as well, so the Double Weapon XP boost will presumably apply to that mode, too. This will of course make the mode look more enticing to Call of Duty players trying it out during the free week since you’ll be gaining Weapon XP quicker than usual, so keep that in mind if you’re one of the ones testing it out this weekend.

During the free week that’s restricted to the Zombies mode alone, players will be able to try out the basic Die Maschine Zombies experience. Those playing on the PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 will be able to try the two-player Onslaught mode that’s limited to that platform. A new incentive that sets this free week apart from others is the arrival of the new Cranked experience that likely paved the way for this free week to happen.


“As per usual, you and your squad will be airlifted in with a loadout of your choice,” Treyarch said about the new Cranked mode. “However, once the first zombie hits the floor, the Cranked Timer starts ticking away. Your Operator will explode if they fail to kill another zombie before the timer hits zero, and the timer gets shorter and shorter as the game progresses! Keep an eye out for the Cranked Timer Power-up, which temporarily freezes the timer for all players.”

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s Double Weapon XP event is scheduled to kick off on January 15th.