New Black Ops: Cold War Report Has Bad News for Call of Duty Fans

A new Black Ops: Cold War report has some bad news for Call of Duty fans. At the moment of [...]

A new Black Ops: Cold War report has some bad news for Call of Duty fans. At the moment of publishing, it's June 2020, and Activision still hasn't revealed the latest Call of Duty game that it claims is on track to release this year. This is the deepest we've ever gone into a year without a Call of Duty reveal since the series became an annualized franchise, and by some margin. Unfortunately, it sounds like we're about to go deeper into the year without seeing the new COD title.

According to a new report from prominent Call of Duty insider and leaker Tom Henderson, we may be waiting all the way until August to see the game. Henderson's exact words are "continuing with the bad news... I also got word that the next COD reveal might be pushed back into August." As you can see, Henderson does include the word "might" in there, but it wouldn't be very surprising if Activision holds off on a reveal all the way until August. Other reports have recently suggested a reveal is still some ways off.

That said, at this point, many are wondering if the game will even release this year. Coupling all of this have been a few reports here and there that the game is having some development issues and may be delayed. Again, if this is true, it would be a first for the series since it's been annualized.

Conflicting these latter reports have been others claiming that a reveal has only been delayed because Activision is planning on revealing the game alongside a big Warzone event, which is apparently still in the works.

Of course, all of this should be taken with a grain of salt or two. At this point, there's a variety of conflicting reports about the game, though everyone does seem to agree a reveal is still a little ways off.

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