Massive Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Leak Reveals 200 Player Battle Royale Mode

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare launched last month on PS4, Xbox One, and PC without a battle royale mode. However, it looks like Infinity Ward is planning on making up for this with a 200 player version of the mode, which is double the normal 100-player count most battle royale games have. Word of the expanded battle royale mode comes way of a new datamining discovery that was unearthed when digging through the game's PC files. Included in this discovery is not just mention of the mode, but alleged images of the mode's map, plus information on zones, perks, and much more.

The discovery was made by Reddit user Senescallo, who has shared the results of a few datamining expeditions since the game released in October. Below, you can peep the most salient details discovered, including a bird's eye view of the map, an image of map while playing, perks, zones, points of interest, mission types, and more.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Battle Royale Mode Leak


  • Zones
    • Airfield
    • Boneyard
    • Dam
    • Downtown
    • Gulag
    • Hospital
    • Layover
    • Lumber
    • Overgrown
    • Port
    • Quarry
    • Storage Town
    • Supercenter
    • Trainyard
    • TV Station
  • Points of Interest
    • Bank
    • Fire Station
    • Gas Station
    • Gun Store
    • Pharmacy
    • Police Station

Mission Types:

  • Tracked
  • Timed Run
  • Assassination (Eliminate specific player)
  • Scavenger Hunt (Collect Scavenger Crates)
  • Domination (Capture Domination Point)
  • Random (Random Mission)


  • High Alert
    • Grants vision when an enemy looks at you from outside of your FoV.
  • Spotter
    • Enemy equipment within a small radius is visible and highlighted to you, even through walls.
  • Tracker
    • Enemies leave footprints as they move, and increased crouch movement speed.
  • Stalker
    • Faster movement while aiming down sight.
  • Marksman
    • Allows you to identify enemies from farther away by showing their names at a greater distance
  • Sleight of Hand
    • Reload your weapons 50% faster than normal.
  • Armorer
    • You use armor plates 20% faster, and they supply 10% more armor.
  • Artisan Tastes
    • Weapons you pick up have a chance to automatically upgrade.
  • Deep Pockets
    • Any usable equipment you pick up has an extra use.
  • Grenadier
    • Any throwable equipment you pick up has an extra use.
  • Healer
    • Your medic items continue to heal for an additional 25% of their value over the next 20 seconds.
  • Thief
    • When you Harvest, generate 20% more plunder.
  • Ammo Scavenger
    • Enemies you kill always drop some ammunition.
  • Armor Scavenger
    • Enemies you kill always drop some armor plates.
  • Medic Scavenger
    • Enemies you kill always drop some medic items.
  • Plunder Scavenger
    • Enemies you kill always drop some Plunder.
  • Bounty Hunter
    • If you kill someone with more Perks than you, gain enough points to match them, and then you can replace this perk.
  • Ghost
    • You are invisible to drones and sensors.
  • Sneaky
    • Your Footsteps are invisible, and enemies are not warned when you track them.
  • Explosive Ordnance Disposal
    • Explosive Resistance, and you can capture enemy claymores and mines.

Default Options:

  • Player Count: 200
  • Playlists: Solo (1), Duos (2), and Squads (4)
  • End-Game Radar: On
  • Infiltration Option: C130
  • Pre-Game Lobby Free-for-All: On
  • Post-Game Exfiltration: Off
  • Max Health: 150
  • Last Stand Health: 100
  • Last Stand Revive Health: 30
  • Last Stand Timer: 60s
  • Last Stand Revive Time: 7s
  • Friendly Fire Punish Limit: 2
  • Gulag: On

Of course, all of this should be taken with a grain of salt like any leak. This for a multitude of reasons, chiefly that even if all of this information and media is correct, it's subject to change, like all things in development. Anyway, if you want to see more media and get even more details on the alleged mode, click here.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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